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To mitigate the risk of frost during the colder months we move our growing to the plentiful Adelaide Plains region. The natural rainfall together with the rich premium market garden soils make it conducive to a strong yielding spring crop. 

Also located over the Adelaide Plains region is our 400 acre Almond Orchard, which produces an early season unique and desirable blonde almond with a rich flavour profile.

South East Farms  "Kangaringa"

Starting with the acquisition of Kangaringa in 2003, the collective of the Farmer family farms in the South East has grown to over 80,000 acres. Located on the Ngarkat Highway in Shaugh, Our Farm is home to not only the Potato and Onion business, but also a very healthy and growing  Livestock Enterprise. 

Since 2003 the Farmer Family have developed over 150 pivot sites across the full farm holding. Substantial clay spreading has boosted already fertile soils, this together with strong water security has our business prized for the future. We are proud to say our property is solely owned and operated by the Farmer Family. 



Our Livestock enterprise consists of Black Angus cattle and Merino sheep. The holding sits comfortably with breeding stock at 3,000 cows and 12,000 ewes. 

Sold Primarily for meat and wool, the animals share the land with all the crops and help to consume any waste product left from the packing facility. 


Adelaide Plains Farms "The Flat"

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